Welcome to Shaman Cues Web Site.
Please look around at some of the cues that I made. The "Available cues" buttons show cues that are currently available for sale. When one of these is sold, I will put a sign over it and replace it with a new cue as quickly as possible.  The "Cue Gallery" buttons show cues that I designed for friends and customers.  "Repair" indicates my current prices for repair services.  There are also a few writing "Pens" and a gold "Pendant" you may be interested in.  There is limited shipping outside the USA.  E-mail me for a quote.

Some general thoughts on my cues: I use no elephant ivory or parts of other endangered animals. Cues tend to have traditional designs; Everest or Triangle tips are standard (Sniper, Moori, etc. are available); Aegis ferrules; Maple shafts (Predator, OB1, and Tiger X shafts are available); Radial pins are recommended; I decorate many of the butt sleeves with inlays; Ivory colored Delrin butt plates or brown or black linen phenolics are used.  My cues have a weight bolt system and rubber bumper, usually held by a screw. The butt diameter of my cues average about 1.25 inches. Cues are all 58 inches unless stated otherwise.  Ferrule length is 3/4 to 1 inch.  These are very general recommendations.  I have many materials in stock to make a totally custom cue.  In the cue descriptions, I refer to butt plates, etc. as "linen". This is short for linen based phenolic material which is very hard and strong.

I can make a custom designed cue to your specifications. I will quote you a price and after half down payment, I will get started.  Waiting time could be up to a year.

Shaman Cues are made of the best material and building techniques. All cues have been chalked and tested by me on a pool table. If they are not great I will never sell them. There are no Shaman seconds. If you do not like your cue after playing with it for a week, call me; send it back with no dings, for a refund of the original purchase price.  My general warranty is for one full year on material and workmanship. However, some things like the construction adhesive, I guarantee indefinitely. I send a warranty statement with the cue and a certificate with the cue number.

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