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Radial Pin with Turquoise inlay
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Cue 98-2     $3,500    Call or e-mail me to buy this one.
Year-Cue Number: 98-2  Retail Price: $3,500.  Shafts: 1, Hard Maple. Ferrule: Aegis  Tip: Water Buffalo.  Size: 13mm.  Shaft Collar: Black Linen with Silver Ring.  Joint Pin: 3/8" Radial  Joint type: Wood to Wood  Joint Collar: Elk Antler  Rings Below Joint: Black Linen with Silver Ring  Forearm: Birdseye Maple, Dark gray Stain  Points: 4 Ebony, Spliced  Veneers: None  Inlays: Four different bird scenes.  Rings Above Wrap: Black Linen with Silver Ring  Handle: Maple  Wrap: Black Textured leather  Butt Sleeve: Ebony  Points: No  Inlays: Four more bird inlays.  Rings In Butt Sleeve:  Black Linen with Silver Rings Top and Bottom.  Butt Cap: Black Linen Phenolic.  Logo:  "Shaman" Cast Silver Inlaid  Bumper: Black Rubber Held by Screw.  Weight: 20.7 oz Comments: Silver inlays for this cue were custom created by famous NM Zuni Indian Pueblo artists, Sammy and Esther Guardian. The inlays are silver with the scene created with many different stones and shells, such as Turquoise, Malachite, Abalone, Mother of Pearl, Jet and Coral. Butt is larger than most of my cues, 1.325"

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