Cue 05-1   $850.

Year-Cue Number: 05-1  Retail Price: $850. Shafts: 1 Hard Maple, Medium Pro-Taper.  Ferrule: Aegis.  Tip: Triangle.  Size: 13.2mm.  Shaft Collar: Black Linen with Silver Ring.  Joint Pin: 3/8" Radial Pin with Turquoise Inlay in Tip. Joint type: Wood to Wood. Joint Collar: Stag Antler.  Rings Below Joint: Black Linen with Silver.  Forearm: Birdseye Maple with No Stain.  Points: Four Floating Ebony.  Veneers: None  Inlays: Four Turquoise Inlays at Base of Points.  Rings Above Handle: Black Linen and Silver.  Handle: Laminated Maple  Wrap: Black Leather with Light Texture.  Butt Sleeve: Birdseye Maple, No Stain.  Points: None  Inlays: Four Ebony Rectangles with Turquoise Diamonds.  Rings In Butt Sleeve:  Black Linen and Silver, Top and Bottom.  Butt Cap: Ivory Colored Multi-Polymer, with a Metal Reinforcing Ring around Bumper.  Logo:  "Shaman" Silver Inlay.  Bumper: Black Rubber, Held by Screw.  Weight: 20.2 oz. 

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